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1,750 Students and 150 Teachers

 Fairview Learning Center was the first ever official School built in Spoonerville to support Junior High and High School Students. This was the main school until Spoonerville High School was built in 1922. The School still operated as a Junior High and High School after that for only another 10 years and then was made into a Private School for only Junior High Students until 1948, when it was demolished to make way for a bigger Private Learning School.


Fairview Learning Center was located 6 blocks east of Downtown Spoonerville. It had two floors and 50 classrooms. When it opened in August 1890, 612 students enrolled and 37 teachers enrolled for its first school year. It grew steadily with new students enrolling ever year until 1910 when it grew dramatically with students as Spoonerville was growing into a larger town. By 1920, 1,403 students were enrolled and 112 teachers, almost reaching maximum capacity. Spoonerville High School opened 2 years later and almost 400 students had transferred there as well as a few teachers. By 1930, the Learning Cente only was now teaching Junior High Students and had 1,061 students and 106 teachers. It was a Junior High School from 1926 to 1938 and became a Private School for its last ten years. At 1940, the school only served 783 students in grades 6-8 and had 53 teachers. In 1946, plans were made to build a new Private School in its spot to hold almost 3,200 students, almost double its original capacity. At about that time, 929 students had enrolled with 79 teachers. In June of 1948, a wrecking ball had arrived at the site of the school and took it down only a week after the school year had ended. Debris was cleared after a couple weeks and the new Fairview Center started construction immediately in July. Students originally enrolled the previous year had to attended another private school before returning to the newly built school. The New Fairview Learning Center was completed in 1960 and is still around today. A small monument at the front of the school was built out of debris from the old school as a Historic Landmark of Spoonerville.

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Historic Enrolled StudentsEdit

Year Students Enrolled Teachers Enrolled
1890 612 37
1900 896 61
1910 1,232 98
1920 1,403 112
1930 1,061 106
1940 783 (As a Private School) 53