Jeffrey Spooner


Jeffrey Harry Spooner


April 6, 1890


March 19, 1970 (aged 79)

Jeffrey Spooner was the son of Edward Spooner, founder of Spoonerville. Jeffrey was born on April 6, 1892 in the town of Spoonerville. Jeffrey lived some of his childhood in Spoonerville until they moved to Albany in 1902 where he finished Junior High and High School. Jeffrey graduated from Albany High School in 1910 and went on to New York State such as his father did that same year. Jeffrey majored in Business and Finance in 1916. From there he moved to Philadelphia and became a successful businessman.

Life after College Edit

Jeffrey moved to Philadelphia in the fall of 1916 looking for a job opportunity. He got his first real business opportunity when he got a job in downtown as an accountant for the Chase bank in 1917. During this time he met Sarah Jacobs which he married in 1919. In 1922, Jeffrey and Sarah had a son, Justin Spooner and in 1924 they had a daughter, Allison Spooner. Through the early to mid 1920s, the Spooners had moved into Havertown, Philadlephia, a suburb of Philadlephia. In 1925, Jeffrey then was moved to a more local bank of Chase and got promoted to Head Accountant.

Stock Market CrashEdit

Jeffrey and his family lived in Philadelphia for the next decade until 1930, when the Great Depression and Stock Market Crash made a huge impact on his life. Jeffrey became unemployed in the Summer of 1930 which caused them to move to the slums of Philadelphia briefly from mid 1930 to late 1931 when he got a small job in Uptown Philadelphia. Jeffrey didn't make the same money he had before the Stock Market Crash for over five years until he regain his job in 1937.

Father's Death and ImpactEdit

In the fall of 1932, Jeffrey's father had a heart attack and was rushed to the Albany Medical Center. His father survived but was very ill. In November of that year, Jeffrey decided to visit his father every other week to check up on him since he couldn't function properly. This countinued for another 7 months until his father had a stroke in June of 1933. Doctors told Jeffrey that his father wouldn't survive more than 3 months. Jeffrey temporarily moved to Albany with his father for the next few months. On August 21, 1933 Jeffreys father had died in his sleep and was declared dead at around 10 AM that morning.

Death Edit

Jeffrey Spooner lived a long and prosperous life, especially after he got back on his feet after the Great Depression. Jeffrey continued to work as a Head Accountant for Chase Bank from 1937 until the mid 1950s when he then retired. Jeffrey lived another 15 years until he died on July 19, 1971 due to cardiac arrest. He died at the age of 79.