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Jason Smith

John Maves Middle School is a middle school in SISD located in Central Spoonerville. It was the first middle school built in Spoonerville starting construction in Late 1924 and finishing the summer of 1926. The school is two stories tall and has a football field, fieldhouse and baseball field.

Sports Program Edit

The John Maves Sports and Academic Programs started in 1930 when construction of the Football field was completed. It was full length and it hosted almost every football game when it wasn't held at Spoonerville High School.

Early Years Edit

When John Maves Middle School opened in the fall of 1926, it had a capacity of almost 3,000 students. 1926-1927 school year, it had about 2,200 students and 120 teachers. As the years went by leading into the 1930s, the school became more cramped and Spoonerville called for a new middle school. Spoonerville's second middle school, Forestwood Middle School was completed in 1937 which helped sustain students within the schools.