Luke Enderson


April 29, 1973






Carey Enderson (m. August 29, 1993)


Connor (b.1995) Ashley (b.1997)

Luke Enderson is the younger brother of Mr. Enderson (Allen) and Andrew Enderson. He was born on April 29, 1973 in Columbus, Ohio to Harry and Alice Enderson, Luke spent most of his childhood in Columbus, Ohio and graduated from West High School in 1991. Luke immediately moved out in the summer of 1991 to Gary, Indiana for college.

Marriage Edit

During Lukes freshman year in college, he wasn't really looking for love but for a good education. Later in the year Luke met his future wife, Carey at a Christmas Party. They became very close friends and Luke really started having feeling for her by summer 1992 when they would always come over and hang out at each others appartments. The two started dating in August 1992 and decided to keep their relationship quiet to their parents. By Thanksgiving of 1992, their relationship was revealed and Lukes parents were very happy and liked Carey, They couple dated for months afterwards until Luke decided that she was the one for him. On March 8, 1993, Luke proposed while on a boat ride on Lake Michigan and Carey said a great big "yes!" to him. The engaged couple started making wedding arrangements as quickly as they could and planned the wedding date also. Invitations were sent by May and the whole Enderson family was quite excited. The wedding was held on August 29, 1993 in Downtown Gary.